Stringing me along

Ukulele time edit (2).png

Going into my creative, colourful and musical mode today. I crash landed into SaNaRae and it was suck a wreck! scattered belongings everywhere! I saw this awesome ukulele and took it with me on my journey around the island and some adorable little turtles followed me to my hangout spot while I waited to be rescued.

outfit and props

Hair ~ Olivia, Beusy, Uber

Bikini ~ Tropical bikini, Astralia

Shoes ~ Espadrille Flats- Open Toes, REIGN

Face gems ~ Spacegem face accessory, Astralia, Indie Teepee

Beach Loungers ~ NOMAD

Turtles ~ Yokai, SaNaRae

Ukulele, Yokai, SaNaRae

Orange drink ~ ionic

Backdrop ~ Summertime prop, Astralia, N21

My Muse

Stole your hat edit.jpg

He captured that moment with her on top of his body while lying in grass and thought to himself “That’s my muse.”

This awesome ‘My Muse’ pose is from Reel Poses, including the camera, out at Kinky event ~ 28th July

Outfit and props


Hair and hat ~ Nikki, [Burley], Uber

Shirt, Slip shirt,, Luxe Box

Shorts ~ Blue D, MOMOCHUU


Hair ~ Haunting, Stealthic, Mainstore

Shirt ~ Baranov shirt, [Fe Style]

Jeans and boots ~ Jeans (vintage blue) Boots, Lenox Agitator

Turtle bed ~ Breaux Jr.

Grass ~ Alirium

An apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree

Apple Cider edit.png

I was feeling a little creative after visiting the Uber birthday event, I bought this very awesome jean bib created by Zenith and thought it would be perfect for a farm, best next thing, an orchard full of refreshing apple cider. I brought kitty along with me for company.

Outfit and Props

Hair and flower accessory ~ Margarita (Dark blondes), Truth Hair , Uber

Jean bib ~ Jean jumpsuit (light), Zenith, Uber

Apple hand prop ~ Appetizer ’10, ChicChica, The Chapter Four

Orchard set (Apple cider Barrels, Apple basket and buckets, cider jugs and animated ladder) ~ Hillside Orchard set, JIAN mainstore

Daisies ~ Apple Fall, gacha

Un Salon de Jardin ~ Apple Fall

Kitty ~ Sweet thing, gacha


Those summer days

Deep thoughts edit.png

Addams brought out their latest summer release today, a pair of laced jean shorts, a bikini top and to finish the look, a shirt, all with many colours and lovely detailed patterns to choose from.

Outfit and Props

Hair ~ Sophie, Entwined, Shiny Shabby

Bikini top ~ Cristal bikini top, Addams mainstore

Shirt ~ Cristal shirt, Addams mainstore

Shorts ~ Pearl shorts, Addams mainstore

Lipstick and gloss ~ CATWA HUD & Glossy Effect by DAZED, LTTL SMLL STYL

Pose ~ Made by myself

Dog ~ Pupper Parlor yorkie, JIAN, The Epiphany

Treehouse Rare, Summer snug couch, plants and lamps ~ Cheeky Pea, The Epiphany

Footbridge ~ The  Domineaux Effect

Stables building ~ The Domineaux Effect


Khaleesi is Coming

Khaleesi Cosplay edit.png

Playing Khaleesi for a bit was pretty amazing, going around a medieval sim, called Revenland, on my horse with my dragons was something different for me but I loved it, just to get this great shot! The whole cosplay outfit is from The Epiphany created by the wonderful Astralia! Dragons and hair separate.

outfit and props

Hair ~ Cadence, Stealthic mainstore

Outfit ~ Complete Winter is coming outfit including boots, Astralia, The Epiphany

Dragons ~ Companions, MishMish, Luxe Box

Sweet Mystery

cuteness and sweetness edit (2).png

I went on another shopping binge at some of my favourite events, some of the creators at Kustom9 had some of the greatest creations yet again and I love all my bought items! The cutesy dress is from Zenith, the dress is probably one of my favourite gacha items.

Outfit and props

Hair ~ Ask, Lamb, gacha

Headband ~ Blossom baby beary pink, Half-Deer, The Epiphany 

Dress ~ Summer dress with jean skirt, Zenith, Kustom9

Shoes ~ Plastic girl RARE, SaNaRae

Grocery bag ~ Princess, MishMish, gacha

Appetiser, RARE 7, ChicChica, The Chapter Four 

Location ~ Baja Norte 

Will I regret it in the morning?

Night out_009 (2).png

Blueberry knows how to please! The store brought out these neat jean shorts light night which has an awesome metal belt which can be colour changed! The shoes are from REIGN, at the Crystal Heart Festival and I am in love with them, I feel like a modern day Cinderella!


Hair ~ Taren (no hat), Truth Hair, Uber

Top ~ Dreamy Genie (RARE), {moss&mink}

Jean shorts ~ Kiki, Blueberry mainstore 

Heels ~ Magic Girl Heels, REIGN, CHF event

Summer road trip

road trip edit.png

Summer is here, and now with Collabor88‘s help we can all prepare for some awesome road trips! REIGN brought out this amazing car to travel in, I have fallen in love with it and probably will be seen driving it around Cedar Creek town, The RP sim I live in. Also what caught my eye is the amazing ripped jeans from SPIRIT. I also have my YUMMY camera with me to catch all my adventures on the way!

outfit and props

Hair ~ G0616, Tram, Uber

Top ~ Cozumel Pure, Emery, C88

Jeans ~ Road jeans, SPIRIT, C88

Foot decor ~ Ingrid, Astralia 

Camera ~ Yummy, C88

Car ~ Summer road trip droptop, REIGN, C88


Dog ~ Spaniel, JIAN, gacha

Sheep, JIAN mainstore

Chickens ~ JIAN Mainstore 

Location ~ Highwood Antlers Nation Park

Snacks and Chill

Candy and chill.png

I love food, I think everybody in some way loves food, for me it is pizza and the sweet stuff.

Currently right now at Cosmopolitan, Candy Cruchers have an amazing ice cream bar, perfect for a summer party or inside of a store in an RP sim!  Also featured in this post is the rapid growing pose store called p.o.s.e, the poses are pretty neat and are selling at a great price. The pose I am using is called female stand 3.

outfit and props

Hair ~ Hotline, Foxy, The Hair Fair

Henley top ~ Camp, Foxes, Uber

Jeans ~ DWL, Blueberry mainstore

Sneaks, June, REIGN, N21


Ice cream bar ~ Candy Crunchers, COSMO

Cookie cushion, MishMish, LuxeBox

 Snacks, portable TV, watch and wand ~ Wednesday, Crystal Heart event

Pose ~ woman 3, p.o.s.e, Marketplace